Environmental Safety Testing

Environmental safety and risk testing can be a lengthy and involved process, potentially taking a number of years, depending on the product and target market. Conducting an integrated environmental testing program with Charles River reduces the potential for unexpected hurdles to hinder your path to registration. Offering a comprehensive range of testing services, including ecotoxicology, environmental fate, and endocrine disruptor screening, as well as field trials, human exposure and residue chemistry, we also prepare Expert Reports containing risk assessments, proposed testing strategies or considerations for waiving certain requirements.

Unpacking the ERA Guideline Revisions

drug pill and capsule of antibiotics in blister packaging.

Learn everything you need to know about how the new EMA guideline on environmental risk assessment will impact your studies.

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With particular expertise in the design of tailored study programs to meet the regulatory needs of new products and their intended markets, Charles River offers a comprehensive portfolio of studies required to conduct full safety evaluation programs.  Our global laboratory and animal facilities offer a wide range of study designs including product chemistry, toxicology, metabolism, environmental studies, field trials, residue analysis and human exposure studies.