Global CRO Pathology Services

Our senior veterinary pathologists have actively participated in formal quality assessment and peer review programs since 1982. Our laboratory employs over 170 pathologists in the contract research industry, offering multidisciplinary expertise for all types of drugs, biologics, chemicals, and devices.

As a contract research organization (CRO), we perform a wide array of routine and specialized pathology services either in support of in vivo studies performed at our sites or as a stand-alone service. Our clinical and anatomic pathologists are recognized experts in toxicologic pathology, from investigative to regulatory studies for pharma, agrochemical and animal health, carcinogenesis research and testing, and diagnostic pathology.

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Integrated Pathology Laboratory Services

In addition to our unique CRO pathology services, we provide the most flexible product-specific and therapeutic area resources in the nonclinical testing arena. Clients benefit from our unique ability to integrate services such as consulting, program design, and regulatory guidance into their research, efficacy, and safety programs. Standardization of pathology laboratory procedures and stringent quality control measures ensure consistency and accuracy.

We apply technical and scientific expertise to every project, from routine procedures to highly specialized analyses, assays, biomarker development, and scientific consultation. Our activities and evaluations are conducted in compliance with international regulatory standards and designed to meet the evolving requirements for developing products worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pathology Services

  • Does Charles River have the pathology services needed for complex and specialized studies?

    Simply, Yes. We have the largest group of pathologists in the world. With over 1,500 years of combined experience, our over 170 pathologists have a range of expertise covering all organ systems, therapeutic areas, administration routes, and even specialty techniques such as immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, medical devices, and stereology.

  • How does Charles River ensure high scientific quality of pathology reports?

    All pathology reports go through a strict quality control process, with all pathology reports reviewed by a research associate. They also go through internal, informal reviews by other pathologists for scientific accuracy, and all early career pathologists or pathologists new to the organization go through a thorough training program, including slide and report reviews by a senior pathologist.

  • Does Charles River’s Pathology Laboratory provide digital access to slides?

    We offer extensive whole slide scanning capabilities, with slide scanners available at almost all sites (15 in total) and client access via the Leica/Aperio e-slide manager platform. We also have an exclusive partnership with Deciphex and their Patholytix platform, which offers state-of-the-art and highly efficient digital peer review capabilities.

  • Does Charles River offer quantitative pathology services?

    Yes, we’re on the forefront of image analysis offerings, with Visiopharm software available at locations within the US, Canada, and Europe, including deep learning-based algorithms (artificial intelligence) through multiple software platform options. Stereology capabilities for three-dimensional quantitative analysis are also available, and can be performed on whole slide images in both brightfield and fluorescence.