Each of our laboratories is a high-production environment that emphasizes tissue accountability during every step of preparation and processing. Our global anatomic pathology network has unparalleled capacity, allowing us to perform the histologic processing, histopathologic evaluation, and necropsy of several million tissue samples every year.


Members of Charles River's teams are trained in all aspects of necropsy procedures, including special tissue harvesting for biomedical devices (stents, implants, etc.), reproductive studies and PCR analysis. The teams are also trained in the use of whole-body or organ perfusion technology routinely employed in conjunction with neurotoxicolgic protocols or studies having ultrastructural requirements.

Necropsy Services

  • Traveling necropsy team that provides support and training
  • Necropsy supervision from board-certified pathologists
  • In-depth understanding of industry GLP, regulatory guidelines and specifications
  • Specialized tissue collection, including whole-body or organ perfusion
  • Freezing of tissues for genomic or proteomic analysis and immunohistochemistry
  • Aseptic tissue collection techniques for PCR analysis


Laboratory managers, supervisors and section leaders monitor all aspects of histology, ensuring that SOPs are maintained and work is performed according to specific study protocols. All activities go through critical phase inspections by our Quality Assurance Unit, which operates independently of all project activities, assuring compliance with GLP requirements.


The full range of pathology services offered includes techniques from necropsy to sophisticated histological processing, as well as expert evaluation by our pathologists. For full tissue GLP projects, our pathologists evaluate tissue sections, compile observations utilizing our Provantis® data capture system, and produce interpretative summaries of lesions.

Additionally, our pathologists can enter information directly into clients’ own data capture systems, either remotely or on-site. Representative digital images can also be included in the report as required. We have several Aperio and Hamamatsu whole slide scanner systems within our network, which facilitates greater scientific interaction between our pathologists and partners.

If needed, we can conduct peer review and independent tissue review, which are performed in accordance with internal or external standard operating procedures.

Histopathology Services

In addition to standard hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) histology, we perform a wide variety of special stains and techniques, including immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. Stains are available for localization of carbohydrates, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, enzymes, mRNA, and cellular structures. Other capabilities include:

  • Specialized histochemical stains for specific cellular components
  • Plastic processing (GMA) for producing thin sections in support of reproductive pathology and neuropathology
  • Plastic embedding (MMA) for microtomy of hard tissues and devices and peripheral nerves (Spurr’s resin)
  • Frozen tissue processing and sectioning