ChanTest Cardiac Channel Panel

Automated or conventional (manual patch clamp) screening and concentration-response (IC50) assays in panels of cardiac ion channels provide a rapid, comprehensive evaluation of multiple ion channel effects (MICE) for greater insight into potential cardiac risk and more effective decision-making in early preclinical development.

Assay Benefits

  • Complements S7B integrated cardiac risk assessment
  • Provides mechanistic interpretation
  • Predicts proarrhythmia potential
  • Fully validated by expert electrophysiologists

ChanTest Cardiac Channel Panel includes: Cav1.2 (ICa,L), Cav3.2 (ICa,T), HCN2, HCN4, hERG (IKr), Kir2.1 (IK1), Kir3.1/3.4 (IK,Ach), Kir6.2/SUR2A (IK,ATP), Kv1.5 (IKur), Kv4.3 (ITO), KvLQT1/minK (IKs) and Nav1.5 (INa).

SaVety™ Assessment

Charles River also offers SaVety™ assessment, which applies a logistic regression model to predict torsadogenic risk from ion channel IC50 data. As a result, the SaVety™ assessment provides more confidence than ever regarding the risk profile of compounds before going into animal and/or human studies.