Integrative human cardiomyocyte assays have an important role in assessing cardiac safety. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) differentiated into human cardiomyocytes (SC-hCMs) and grown in monolayer cell culture provide test systems for assessing drug effects on cardiotoxicity (cell impedance recording) and electrical activity (ECG-like field potentials) in multiwell assay plates as a means of evaluating risk in intact, beating human cardiac stem cells.

Impedance Assay Benefits

  • Label-free and hands-free assessment of cardiac risk over multiple days
  • Cardiotoxicity and proarrhythmia liability

Multiple Electrode Array (MEA) Benefits

  • “Heart in a dish” provides familiar ECG-like signal
  • Surrogate for QT liability and arrhythmia
  • Higher throughput and lower cost compared to action potential assays