Eye Irritation Test

Assessment of the irritation potential of chemicals is a key element in their safety evaluation. Traditionally, these tests have been conducted in rodents and rabbits. However, Charles River offers a number of ocular irritation and serious eye damage models that may be used in replacement of acute ocular testing. The models may be used early in the development of the test article as a screen or during GLP toxicology testing. Screening and GLP versions of the BCOP, EpiOcular and HCE Eye assays are available.

  • MatTek EpiOcular™ Assay
  • SkinEthic HCE Eye Irritation Assay
  • Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability (BCOP) Assay
histology of HCE model


​In Vitro and Alternative Models for Regulatory Submission

Dr. Clive Roper and Dr. Lauren Black were honored to contribute to the American College of Toxicology’s ToxChats© podcast series. In the first chapter of this episode, they discuss the current landscape of in vitro and alternative models and share their thoughts about the future direction of the field. In the second chapter, Dr. Paul Brown, associate director of pharmacology and toxicology at CDER/FDA, discusses the acceptance of in vitro models for safety evaluations and the value of integrative toxicology. Listen Now