In Vitro Toxicity Testing

Many of Charles River's assays are direct replacements for tests or screenings done on animals, and we have been leading the way in the development, validation, and acceptance of various animal-free models.

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Session at toxicology conferenceComparison of Histopathological and Cell Viability Results from In Vitro Rat and Human Airway™ Models for Translational Inhalation Toxicity Testing (presented at the 2018 AIT Conference)

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Many acute toxicity tests have been, or are being, effectively replaced by in vitro human, animal and 3D tissue alternatives. This shift is particularly evident in skin irritation, skin corrosion and skin sensitization models, all of which are fully supported at Charles River. There are also models to assess, phototoxicity, ocular irritation and severe damage. In addition, we are developing models to tests toxicities and efficacy in other tissues such as the lung, mouth and gut.

Shining a Light on the Science and Strategy of Phototoxicity Assessments

In this podcast, Dr. Doug Learn, Director of Toxicology at Charles River Safety Assessment in Horsham, Pennsylvania, was interviewed. Dr. Learn is considered an expert in the field of phototoxicity. In this podcast, Dr. Learn shares his experiences during the evolution of how phototoxicity became a specialty field of its own, what phototoxicity means for toxicologists in the regulatory and pharmaceutical world, and how this translates to the consumer. Listen Now