Repurposing Screening Libraries

What if the therapeutic your looking for already exists? Screening compound libraries that contain previously identified compounds with well-defined mechanisms of action can accelerate your treatment. With over 3,500 characterized compounds in these repurposed libraries, there’s potential to find the right one for your research.

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Approved drugs cascading
“When my doctor explained to me that there were no approved drugs, I assumed that meant that there were no drugs that could be effective, but it wasn't that there weren't drugs that couldn't be effective. It was just that they maybe hadn't been tried yet. That's a frame shift that we need to get into.”

Dr David Fagjenbaum, Founder, Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN)


A Selection of Libraries

The Prestwick Chemical Library is a chemically and pharmacologically diverse collection of over 1,500 off-patent, FDA- and EMA-approved small molecules.

The Specs Repurposing Library contains 5,685 compounds inspired by the Repurposing Hub (Broad Institute) of curated collection of FDA-approved drugs, clinical trial drugs, and preclinical tool compounds. Approximately 25% of this library overlaps with the Prestwick Chemical Library.

The Selleckchem FDA-Approved Drug Library contains 966 compounds that are structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable. The library is approved by institutions, including the FDA, EMA ,HMA, CFDA, and PMDA, or pharmacopoeia, such as USP, BP, EP, JP, and Ph.Int.

We also offer a custom library design by using our extensive compound libraries. Our team of biologists and chemists use sophisticated computational tools like virtual screening and modeling to design a screening set tailored to your requirements and budget.

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