Discovery from Charles River is the partner of choice with the industry’s most comprehensive drug discovery service portfolio and a multidisciplinary staff of hundreds of scientists. We have the scientific excellence and technological capabilities to support our clients throughout the drug development life cycle, from target identification to IND programs. Our team takes a true collaborative approach working in partnership with clients to find and follow the optimum path to market while moving forward together to bring novel therapies to the patients who need them. Learn More

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Complex cellular assays, including RNAi cell lines and human primary cell-based assays, allow us to accelerate discovery programs by screening in biologically relevant systems. Combining proprietary adenoviral technology with complex cellular assays allows us to deliver novel, validated drug targets in multiple therapeutic areas.

We offer a unique combination of target class and cell biology expertise together with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide services tailored to client requirements. The collaborative environment shared by our teams in medicinal chemistry, ADME, structural biology and fragment-based drug discovery allows them to deliver within challenging timelines.

Our offerings include:

Our award-winning chemistry team is well equipped to address the challenges of drug discovery projects, offering services across all aspects of drug discovery chemistry, including specialized route development (e.g., infusion, inhalation) and optimization.

Our chemistry services include:

With extensive knowledge of in vitro ADME gained through working within drug discovery environments at both pharmaceutical and biotech companies, our ADME experts offer a consultative approach, ensuring that the right experiments are performed at the right time.

Studies include:

  • Detailed metabolic studies
  • Distribution
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Metabolic stability
  • Physicochemical properties

We offer early research and proof-of-principle in vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies in relevant cell and animal models of human diseases to aid the evaluation of efficacy. Our scientific team has extensive experience with the selection of animal models, assays and endpoints across key therapeutic areas. We can also work with clients to design new models to meet the specific needs of a particular compound or discovery program.

Therapeutic areas include:

Our study directors work closely with clients to design an in vivo or in vitro DMPK study using a range of administration routes, dosing regimens and species to meet a molecule’s unique needs. These include selection of the appropriate biomarkers and endpoints that will be indicative of a molecule’s effect in order to relate dosing to outcomes.

Our capabilities include: