Tommaso Iannitti, Group Leader, Pharmacology for Charles River Discovery Services, discusses adoptive T-cell transfer models for screening immunotherapies.

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    Tommasso Lannitti (00:10): Aside from efficacy models, we also offer pharmacodynamics models that are used to look at pharmacokinetics parameters, as well as target engagement and ex vivo immune readouts. One of these models is our OT-1/OT-2 model which is used to look at CD8 T-cells for the OT-1 model and CD4 positive T cells for the OT-2 model. This particular assay is used to predict efficacy in syngeneic models, particularly looking at T-cell activation and effector function, and this is done by assessing markers, such as granzyme B and interferon gamma. These are all markers that are also relevant to the tumor microenvironment, and therefore relevant to syngeneic models.