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DNA double helix multi color isolated on white background

Boosting Your Cell or Gene Therapy Program with Bioinformatics

View this webinar to learn how bioinformatics experts are forecasting and streamlining the process of conducting their cell or gene therapy programs.

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Attendee at Leveraging Public Data For Your Oncology Research

Charles River Presents: Leveraging Public Data For Your Oncology Research

Finding, retrieving, integrating, and analyzing public data sets is a time-consuming and difficult process. Learn how to navigate common challenges in this seminar.

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digital rendering of killing of cancer cells

The Value of Bioinformatics to Assess Novel Immuno-Oncology Therapies

Proper analysis of the data generated from these models can give valuable insight into the mode of action and model responses to these novel drugs. In this webinar we discuss a recent study with two syngeneic mouse models and how bioinformatics analysis was able to determine their response to treatment.

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computer rendering of DNA strand

Bioinformatics: Mining Big Data to Discover Precision Oncology Therapies

Learn how mining big data can help accurately stratify patients who will respond to your therapy, driving decisions and allowing you to bring your best anti-cancer therapies further into development.

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pink and orange micro electron image of a cancer cell

Bioinformatics: Leveraging the Molecular Landscape to Drive Oncology Discovery

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to select the most relevant model to test your therapy based on in-depth model characterization, and how to exploit this high-throughput bioinformatic data to understand the transcriptomic response of compound treatments.

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