The following videos will provide a comprehensive demonstration of how the Celsis Advance II™ instrument is prepared for a day of rapid testing. Charles River offers these demonstrations in-person across the world; however, due to travel limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted accordingly and created these videos. Nathan Robinson, Regional Account Specialist Manager for North America, will walk you through preparing reagents, controls, and using the onboard® software to run assays and review results using the Celsis Advance II™ instrument.

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Introduction to Celsis® ATP-Bioluminescence Assays on the Celsis Advance II™
Learn how the ease and flexibility of the Celsis Advance II luminometer allows you to easily integrate it into your current quality control system. Capable of performing 120 tests per hour, you will gain an overview of the functions, features, and benefits of Celsis instruments and Celsis AMPiScreen® reagents.



Performing the Instrument Startup Procedure for the Celsis Advance II™
This video will show you the simple daily startup procedure used to prepare Celsis instruments each day and introduce you to the software interface. Performing this simple wash, rinse, and prime procedure with Celsis reagents prepares the Celsis Advance II to test hundreds of samples with its industry-leading throughput.


Performing Daily Controls for the Celsis Advance II™
Daily controls are used prior to running any test samples on the system to ensure the instrument and reagents are prepared to detect contamination in the samples you will be running for the remainder of the working shift. These controls include interim blanks, reagent blanks, and positive controls, which you will learn how to prepare and set up in the software during this video.


Performing Celsis® ATP-bioluminescence Assays on the Celsis Advance II™
Learn how Celsis assays are prepared, loaded, and analyzed on the Celsis Advance II luminometer. Celsis assays align with your existing sample preparation methods, such as for bioburden, microbial limits, and sterility using both membrane filtration and direct inoculation test methods. Celsis instruments can provide pass/fail results in less than one hour, controlling the entire assay through automated, timed reagent injections.


Analyzing Results on the Celsis Advance II™
This video will introduce you to the simple, data integrity-compliant analysis reporting functions of Celsis luminometers. Utilizing software, included with both the Celsis Advance II and the smaller Celsis Accel, you will see a preview of how results are interpreted and reported as Relative Light Units (RLUs) in this video.




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