Oliver Schaefer, Global Director of Operational Excellence, Biologics, at Charles River, details management of biologics testing during the global pandemic. Our business continuity plans and work supporting COVID-19 research efforts allow us to continue to meet the needs of our clients during this time.

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About the Speaker

oliver schaefer

Oliver Schaefer oversees a team of site optimization leads in Erkrath, Germany. He identifies optimization potentials, supports improvement projects, and coaches and trains on operational excellence. His primary focus is on helping people do things right the first time, reducing waste from the process, and increasing reliability from everyone in their day-to-day work. Oliver's work is influenced by Lean, Lean 6s Sigma and the Theory of Constrains, and Dynamic Work Design principles. He is passionate about everything that "makes the life our employees easier and the life of our customers better." His special focus is on speed, and "speed means focusing and doing things right the first time."