Opening in 2022

Location & Contact

750 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080
(877) 274-8371


  • On-site vivarium operational oversight and facility management
  • Trained animal care technicians and supervisors
  • Vivarium husbandry, veterinary care, and operational functions
  • Veterinary and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) oversight, protocol review/approval, and consultation services
  • CRADL™ Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversight and protocol/amendments review and approval
  • Access to management for scheduling of services, supply and animal ordering, orientation training, management of shipments, and other related administrative functions

Features and Services

  • Round-the-clock badge access to CRADL™ facility
  • Access to conference room and common areas
  • Access to our online learning and training platform (e.g., safety and welfare training)
  • Clients with specialized needs may bring in their own study equipment and supplies

Animal Welfare and Biosecurity

  • Daily food, water, and health checks
  • Veterinary staff and services for management of health cases
  • Audit and welfare assessments
  • Anonymous welfare reporting services
  • Frequent, scheduled room and surface cleaning and sanitization
  • Quarterly colony health surveillance including pathogen testing and review
  • Import pathogen review (e.g., animals and cell lines)

Dedicated Rooms

  • Dedicated animal holding rooms – available in 220-, 250-, 290-, and 350-square-foot options. Includes Innovive rack, metro rack, biosafety cabinet, and/or animal transfer station
  • Dedicated procedure rooms – available in 220-, 250-, 290-, and 350-square-foot options
  • Shared mouse holding rooms
  • Shared-rate holding rooms