Introduction to the Endosafe Nexus Automated Endotoxin Testing System
Learn about how the Endosafe Nexus can provide an innovative response to your need for higher sensitivity and faster quantitative results while eliminating time-consuming training, assay preparation time, standard curve anomalies, process inconsistencies, and analyst variability.  


Endosafe Nexus Software
See how the Endosafe Nexus software was developed to be consistent with 21 CFR part 11 FDA requirements and how incorporating Charles River Cortex™ data evaluation software allows you to gain complete insight on your manufacturing operation and process in order to make informed, confident decisions.


Tracking and Trending Your Data
Your endotoxin data can used with our Charles River Cortex endotoxin analysis software platform for data and instrument management, investigation analysis, and process monitoring. Find out how this allows you to anticipate, identify, correct, and prevent any issues from reoccurring while minimizing or eliminating disruptions to your work.


The Endosafe Nexus Deck
The Endosafe Nexus deck is customized to specifically run your endotoxin samples by handling all the critical steps through automation; reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, human error, and the need for out-of-specification investigations and sample retesting.  Watch to find out more about the Endosafe Nexus deck components.


Running the Endosafe Nexus
Watch a detailed explanation of running an Endosafe Nexus.  This video will run you through preparing for a run, the testing of samples and the reports created after a run.  


Learn about the daily, weekly and annual maintenance recommended to keep your Endosafe Nexus working optimally. 

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