The pressure to release products faster while eliminating risks of contamination is immense, but there’s a solution out there available to help you keep up with the unrelenting demands of the market.

Charles River Laboratories has the knowledge and knowhow to help you optimize product testing and production time by accelerating product release using rapid detection and identification. By using Celsis® rapid microbial detection and our suite of Accugenix® products and services, your cosmetics, personal care, and home care products can be safely released in as little as 24 hours, giving your brand and consumers peace of mind.

Shorten your product development cycle and increase flexibility by focusing on quick, accurate microbial analysis for cosmetics products. See how easy it is to implement a rapid microbial method and how our integrated solutions for rapid contamination testing and microbial identification provide all the necessary services and products needed to protect your brand’s reputation and customer safety.