Stacey Ramsey presents this ePoster, analyzing the results of studies performed using the new Celsis Adapt™ technology. It demonstrates the successful depletion of cellular ATP from biologic samples while allowing for the preservation and reliable detection of microbial ATP. Additionally, membrane filtration of samples successfully showed removal of antimicrobial components in cell culture media, allowing for the successful detection of microbial contaminants in just six days.

headshot of the presenter Stacey Ramsey, MS

Senior Manager, Celsis®
Technical Services and Validations

Stacey currently manages the Celsis® Technical Services and Validations laboratory based in Charleston, SC. She originally joined Charles River as an associate product manager has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in environmental monitoring, drug product testing, endotoxin testing, and process and method development and validation. Stacey has a master’s degree from Friends University (Wichita, Kansas) and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Wichita State University.