Implementation of rapid contamination detection can be difficult when it comes to ensuring the compatibility of a wide range of products and knowing that your approach validation complies with regulations. We invite you to view our webinar, recorded in English, that was originally presented by A3P Cosmetique on March 30th , 2021, as we present the benefits and test results of enhanced ATP bioluminescence for a variety of product types.

To view the original version of this webinar presented in French, please click here.


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Lucia Ceresa, Senior Technology and Market Development Manager, Microbial Solutions

Dr. Ceresa has more than 25 years of industry experience, including pharmaceutical aseptic production and all aspects of validation and quality control, with focus on GMP’s and Alternative Microbiological Methods.  She has extensive international experience within pharmaceutical operations, microbiology, rapid methods, aseptic processing and methodologies, validation and QC. 

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Edouard Martineau, Account Manager, Charles River Labs

Edouard Martineau is an Account Manager at Charles River Microbial Solutions with a special focus on cosmetics and consumer care industry. Based in the South of France, he is currently managing France, Spain, and Switzerland. In addition to supporting the Middle East and Africa Regions, he works closely with Charles River's distributor network in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia and Pakistan. 

Edouard has a Master's of Science from École Polytechnique Universitaire de Marseille, focusing on Biotechnology, applied biology, and microbiology. 

Over the years, he has built a deep knowledge of the industrial needs for microbial identifications and rapid microbial detection of cosmetic and personal care manufacturers.