Are we doing enough to validate new microbial identification systems? Are we proving accuracy and reproducibility, two key criteria that directly impact environmental monitoring and contamination control? We’ll explore these questions and more in this on-demand presentation, which explores how validation can be both rapid and comprehensive.  

Microbial identification is a critical piece of a robust environmental monitoring program and contamination control strategy. Accurate and reproducible identifications are imperative for risk assessments and mitigations, making confident operational decisions, and safely releasing products. All these factors help contribute to the decision of choosing and installing a microbial identification system.
This presentation will explore our robust method validation strategy for implementing the Accugenix® Axcess® system, a MALDI-TOF instrument with a large library and streamlined reporting. We’ll show you how combining the DNA sequencing power of Accugenix with the data analysis capabilities of the Axcess instrument allows for an easy, fast, and complete validation without tying up valuable resources. 


Jessica Rayser Headshot

Jessica Rayser
Senior Product Manager; Accugenix®


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