Coming in Early 2022

Location & Contact

Potter's Bar, Hertfordshire
+44 (0) 1843 824346


  • On-site operational oversight and facility management
  • Trained and licensed animal care technicians and supervisors
  • Animal facility care and husbandry, operational, and support functions
  • Veterinary and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) oversight, and consultation services
  • Access to management for scheduling of services, supply and animal ordering, orientation training, managing shipments, and other related administrative functions

Features and Services

  • CRADL™ Annex London is an SPF rodent facility equipped with both IVC technology and isolators
  • Badge access to the CRADL™ Annex facility
  • Access to meeting rooms and common areas
  • Access to our online learning and training platform (e.g., safety and welfare training)
  • In vivo technical capabilities, preclinical expertise, specific equipment availability
  • Clients with specialized needs may bring in their own study equipment and supplies

Animal Welfare and Biosecurity

  • Daily animal care and husbandry (food, water, enrichment, etc.), health checks
  • Veterinary support and services
  • Audits and welfare assessments
  • Scheduled animal and support space cleaning and sanitization
  • Animal and colony health surveillance including pathogen testing and review (HM)

Dedicated Rooms

  • Dedicated isolators for SOPF animals or quarantined animals
  • Animal holding rooms equipped with IVC technology
  • Dedicated procedure room associated with each animal holding room
  • Dedicated surgery rooms within barrier areas
  • Shared mouse holding rooms
  • Shared individual procedure rooms