Mice and rats comprise the majority of the laboratory animals used in research. However, breeding rodents for research use can be a challenging process with many pitfalls. It is a multi-step process with challenges possible at many different points in the cycle. This 155-page guidebook was written to provide useful information pertaining to managing laboratory mouse and rat colonies. In this book, you will find information on colony management from a genetics and reproductive standpoint, as well as guidance for troubleshooting colony performance.

Guidebook Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Origin, History and Behavior
  • Part 2: Biology and Reproductive Biology
  • Part 3: Genetics for Colony Management
  • Part 4: Genetic Modification Technologies
  • Part 5: Laboratory Rat and Mouse Nomenclature
  • Part 6: Production and Maintenance of Laboratory Mouse and Rat Colonies
  • Part 7: Clinical Assessment
  • Part 8: Troubleshooting Colony Performance

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