Presented by: Nadim Shohdy, PhD, Office of Therapeutics Alliances

About Episode 8

Therapeutics Alliances is a unique and comprehensive drug accelerator that operates like a “virtual biotechnology company” to identify and de-risk select NYU projects and enable greater dealmaking with investors and biopharmaceutical companies. In episode 8, Nadim expands on this highly successful model for drug development.

About Nadim Shohdy

Nadim is Assistant Dean, Therapeutics Alliances at the NYU School of Medicine, and Co-Founder and Director of its Office of Therapeutics Alliances (OTA). OTA is a drug discovery accelerator that advances NYU biomedical research to a far more validated stage to enable greater partnerships with biopharma, investors, and nonprofits to increase the odds of success for new NYU-discovered drugs helping future patients.

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