How can Insourcing Solutions® help you? It depends on the role you play at your animal facility. Whether you are a procurement professional, a facility director, or a vivarium manager, we can help support your facility, staff, and research. Insourcing Solutions® aids in streamlining animal research through customized workplace solutions that are seamlessly integrated into research programs to become extensions of research facilities or academic institutions. Learn more by watching our videos.


Staffing Solutions – Facility Directors

If you are a director of a vivarium, chances are you are responsible for overall research programs including facility compliance, regulatory aspects related to animal care and veterinary programs, and operational efficiencies. Incorporating a high-level of quality in every operational aspect within budget is a necessity. Is it more important to meet the needs of your researchers and hit program goals, or to focus your energy on the day-to-day functions of the vivarium?

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Staffing Solutions – Procurement Teams

If you're in procurement, it's about the bottom line. In an environment governed by funding constraints, the need to be creative in doing more with less is heightened. Procurement needs to strike a delicate balance between the needs of the facility, and the budget. What if we told you there was a way you could meet the needs of your internal customers and hit your budget goal?

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Training Solutions – Facility Managers and Those Responsible for Education

A vivarium manager provides quality support to researchers daily. As a manager you need to be confident that your training program is compliant and successfully meet the research requirements. Lack of proper training could jeopardize program accreditation, a facilities' or institutions reputation, and future funding.

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