Webinar Overview

In May 2020, independent laboratories confirmed that multiple Centivax antibody therapeutic candidates are potent neutralizers of the pandemic coronavirus. Viral neutralization directly demonstrates that the antibodies are able to completely block the novel coronavirus from infecting human cells.

How, exactly, was this achieved?

In this webinar learn step by step how two antibody discovery technologies, the SuperHuman™ antibody library and Tumbler™ antibody optimization technology, enabled this scientific achievement. This webinar will include a case study, expert panel discussion and live Q&A.

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Webinar Presenters & Panelist

Jake Glanville Headshot

Jake Glanville, PhD
Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board
Distributed Bio

Sarah Ives Headshot

Sarah Ives
Director of Contract Research
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Katherine Vousden Headshot

Katherine Vousden, PhD
Science Director, Large Molecules
Charles River


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