Webinar Overview

In May 2021, we sponsored the flowcytometryUK society webinar featuring Charles River Principal Scientist III and Flow Cytometry Core Director Christoph Eberle, Ph.D. The event discussed various aspects of Laminar WashTM, a cutting-edge sample preparation solution, including the following:

  • How it addresses barriers to quality and efficient sample prep and how the technology works
  • Protocols in flow cytometry
  • Instruments for streamlining flow cytometry sample prep
  • How the technology supported single nuclei sample prep and reduced antibody consumption for Cerevance
  • An overview of a recent white paper published

The presentation concluded with a Q&A session.


Webinar Presenters

Christoph Eberle, PhD, MICR, FRSPH
Principal Scientist III, Discovery Oncology
Charles River

Nomagugu (Noma) Ngwenya
Field Applications Specialist EMEAI
Curiox Biosystems


Additional Information


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