Webinar Overview

Imagine the ability to visualize and measure phenotypic changes at the subcellular level in disease-relevant cell-based assays, all in real time, and at the earliest stages of drug discovery. That’s the power of high content imaging (HCI) using multi-parametric techniques, a vital tool that can guide your discovery program to success.

This webinar examines the following components of high content imaging and why you should use them:

  • How complex model systems using a variety of cells can improve translation to clinic
  • The impact high content screening (HCS) has on identification of new drug targets or lead compounds
  • Optimizing lead compounds using high content analysis (HCA)

We’ll also discuss a case study screening iPSC-derived neurons for modifiers of Alzheimer’s-related phenotypes in a scalable multi-parameter system.

Webinar Presenter

Shushant Jain Headshot

Shushant Jain, PhD
Group Leader Discovery
Charles River


Additional Information

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