Neurological impairments are usually irreversible because of limited regeneration in the central nervous system. The regenerative capacity of stem cells makes them an attractive candidate for transplantation therapies, with many stem cells showing promise in basic research and preclinical trials.

This webcast -- a special 2-hour exploration of stem cells as a building block of regenerative therapy—will cover the cellular and molecular characteristics of embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, neural stem cells, and their in vivo and in vitro derivatives that could lay the foundation of future CNS regenerative therapies.

Learn about:

  • Producing reliable and robust stem cell derived neurons as building blocks for drug discovery
  • How advances in iPSC-derived organoid models recapitulate the “real” brain environment for CNS precision medicine
  • How engrafting various types of stem cells into animal models can predict translation to human patients


Webcast Presenters

Mark Kotter head shot

Mark Kotter
University of Cambridge and

Thomas Hartung head shot

Thomas Hartung
Consulting VP of Scientific Affairs at AxoSim
Professor at Johns Hopkins University

Kaisa Paldanius head shot

Kaisa Paldanius
Charles River