Webinar Overview

Note: This webinar was given by BioPharm International.

With the development of viral vector products comes the challenge of ensuring viral safety without inactivating or removing product. One of the major risks associated with production of viral vectors is the generation of replication competent viruses, such as adenovirus and lentivirus.

This webcast discusses: 

  • New guidance issued by The European Pharmacopeia and the US FDA concerning the testing of these vectors for replication competent viruses 
  • Why robust detection assays are necessary in order to screen these products to ensure safety 
  • Newly established platform assays for adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, retrovirus, and lentivirus based vectors offered by Charles River Laboratories 


Webinar Presenter

Matthew Pennington Headshot

Matthew Pennington, PhD
Scientist 2, Virology, Biologics Solutions
Charles River


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