Webinar Overview

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has accelerated unique global collaboration between academia, government, biotech, pharma, and the manufacturing industry, leading to scientific breakthroughs and advanced medicines being produced at unprecedented speed. How has this been possible, and what can we learn from our experiences? In this webinar, contract development and manufacturing organization Cobra Biologics, now a Charles River company, is joined by special guests to discuss.

Discussion points:

  • CHALLENGES – Hurdles from a CDMO, drug developer, and supplier perspective
  • IMPACT – Evolving approaches to collaboration and in turn, drug production
  • LEARNINGS – Applying acquired knowledge and collaborative frameworks to the real world


Scientific Moderator

Tony Hitchcock head shot.

Tony Hitchcock
Technical Director
Cobra Biologics, a Charles River Company


Webinar Presenters

Philip Ridley-Smith Headshot

Philip Ridley-Smith
Sales and Marketing Director
Cobra Biologics, a Charles River Company

Alexander Douglas Headshot

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Douglas
Research Group Leader
Jenner Institute, University of Oxford

Matti Sällberg Headshot

Prof. Matti Sällberg
Head of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Karolinska Institute

Byron Rees Headshot

Byron Rees
Senior SLS Manager
Pall Life Sciences


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