As novel cancer immunotherapy treatments continue to be at the forefront of discovery and development, checkpoint inhibitor treatment remains center stage. Moreover, other targeted and personalized treatment modalities will likely emerge. Central to this effort will be a reliance on appropriate preclinical models, which form the backbone of many immuno-oncology drug discovery programs, particularly with the increasing focus on combination therapy. In-depth efficacy studies are a valuable source of in vivo information and will play a prominent role in elucidating potential compounds, either alone or in combination, that demonstrate potential as immunotherapeutic anti-cancer agents.

This webinar provides an evaluation of several syngeneic murine tumor models to antibody-based, immune checkpoint inhibitor therapeutics. In addition, findings detailing the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer immunotherapy efficacy study design and execution are outlined.


  • Dr. Joseph Murphy, PhD, Director of Oncology R&D