It is possible to discover antibodies against even the hardest targets.

In the webinar, Jake Glanville discusses how a fully human scFv display library is optimized for both sequence diversity and developability through the analysis of human antibody repertoires and known monoclonal therapeutics in human phase trials. Learn how this antibody discovery platform combines cell selections with next generation sequencing to identify enriched scFv’s against cell surface targets, including GPCRs. The resulting diversity of binders optimizes the ability to find functionally active hits.

Learn how the Tumbler™ antibody optimization technology generates billions of variants of a starting clone​ and optimizes affinity, thermostability, expression, and immunogenicity​, delivering the best possible lead candidates.

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About the Presenter

Headshot of Jacob Glanville.
Jacob Glanville, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Distributed Bio

Jake Glanville is a founding partner and CEO of Distributed Bio. Charles River and Distributed Bio entered into a partnership to provide clients with a comprehensive antibody discovery and development solution. Together, we offer clients the SuperHuman antibody screening library, a VHH single domain library, and Tumbler for antibody optimization.