Webinar Overview

The lungs are the primary organ affected by COVID-19 and effective respiratory therapies are urgently needed to treat patients suffering from the disease. There are many advantages to delivering a therapeutic directly to the lungs, but designing a drug for inhaled delivery is tricky. If you’re considering an inhaled formulation, watch this webinar for valuable guidance on respiratory drug design:

  • How does inhaled drug design differ from oral drug design?
  • How do you ensure the drug has suitable physical properties for use in an inhaled device?
  • How do you make sure the drug is retained in the lung long enough to exert its therapeutic effect?
  • How do you minimize systemic side effects from any drug that is swallowed during dosing?

Tune in to leverage niche expertise in drugs designed for inhaled delivery. You’ll learn how an integrated drug discovery approach is essential, working with medicinal chemists, biologists, DMPK scientists, and pharmaceutical scientists to design and test your drug and to perform in vivo studies before progression into the clinic.


Webinar Presenter

Nicole Hamblin Headshot

Nicole Hamblin, PhD
Senior Director Chemistry
Charles River


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