Webinar Overview

Despite the prevalence, costs, and impact to quality of life, treating chronic pain is extremely difficult. Current treatments are often either ineffective or liable to cause widespread abuse, especially in the case of opioid drugs.

The second webinar in our two-part pain series discusses how inflammatory, neuropathic, and joint pain models, which are induced either chemically or surgically, are more clinically relevant than many of the rodent pain models currently in use, and thus could be useful for decision-making purposes in pain drug discovery. We also provide an overview of the mechanistic aspects of acute, inflammatory, and joint pain models that might help in discovery of novel analgesics.


Webinar Presenter

Rana Samadfam Headshot

Rana Samadfam, PhD, DABT, MSc
Scientific Director, In Vivo Pharmacology
Charles River


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