Webinar Overview

Given the recent success of cancer immunotherapies, well characterized models are needed to enable drug discovery efforts. Humanized models are vital for testing how cancer therapies will react in human systems, though some models are more suitable than others. It is important to consider your drug’s specific characteristics when you select which humanized model to use for your immuno-oncology studies.

The hCD34+ or hPBMC humanized mouse models or the newly developed hPD1 or CTLA-4 knock-in mice allow us to assess the anti-tumor response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in animals bearing a “humanized” immune environment. Hear what we’ve learned from using these preclinical models to evaluate human-specific immunotherapies.


Webinar Presenter

Paula Miliani de Marval

Paula Milinani de Marval, PhD
Associate Research Director, Discovery Services, Charles River