Imaging is an integral part of neurological drug development and offers valuable insights into brain structure and function. While useful, imaging modalities have limitations including method complexity, costs, invasiveness and poor sensitivity, so new methods that solve these challenges need to be developed.


Functional ultrasound imaging (fUS) is a novel preclinical imaging technology that is an alternative to pharmacological MRI. One of the key advantages of fUS is that anesthesia is not required, which makes it highly applicable for longitudinal functional studies. Some of the advantages that fUS offers over conventional MRI include:

  • Unrivalled temporal and spatial resolution
  • Outstanding functional sensitivity
  • Straightforward interpretation of the readout
  • Versatility and adaptability of the platform
  • More natural path to awake imaging

In this webinar, you will learn more about the fUS method and how it can be used to advance your therapeutic program.


  • Artem Shatillo, MD, Head of MRI, Charles River