The average time from hit identification to development candidate is 33-36 months. However, recent changes in the way drug discovery is approached can reduce that time to 24 months. How? Through a collective effort where multidisciplinary project teams from CROs work with drug companies and academia to deliver clinical candidates, overcoming multifactorial research obstacles along the way.

An integrated drug discovery team of experts, with diverse backgrounds across multiple therapeutic areas, can provide an unparalleled level of innovation, consultation, and proactive problem solving for your discovery programs.

In this presentation, our own integrated drug discovery team members will discuss their views and strategies on the collaborative process and answer some challenging questions from attendees


  • John Montana, PhD, Corporate VP, Integrated Drug Development and Strategic Projects, Charles River
  • Alan Young, PhD, Senior Director In Vivo Respiratory & Inflammation, Integrated Drug Discovery, Charles River
  • Martin O’Rourke, PhD, Senior Director Oncology In Vitro Sciences, Integrated Drug Discovery, Charles River
  • Robert Hodgson, PhD, Director In Vivo CNS, Integrated Drug Discovery, Charles River