Webinar Overview

Are you evaluating the effect of your immunotherapy on the entire tumor microenvironment (TME)?

Doing so in an intact immune system not only improves translation but provides actionable data that informs decisions and accelerates the drive to clinic. Fortunately, powerful tools exist to support this critical stage of development.

Join this webinar to learn how microdialysis, a uniquely sensitive method for sampling and quantifying multiple immunomodulators and oncometabolites, elucidates the mechanisms by which oncology therapies modulate the TME. You’ll discover how microdialysis can help you effectively model pharmacokinetics, observe principles of the 3Rs, and improve translation with study of the TME in syngeneic and PDX models.


Webinar Presenter

Nadege Morisot Headshot

Nadege Morisot, PhD
Senior Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology
Charles River