Webinar Overview

Learn how noninvasive preclinical neuroimaging, locomotor activity, and behavioral testing in animal models can effectively track the phenotypic changes of disease progression that also appear in human patients. Using an animal model of Batten disease, our experts will discuss the correlations between animal model and human responses that could result in better translational research and new therapies for pediatric neurodegenerative disorders.


Webinar Presenters

Jill Weimer Headshot

Jill Weimer, PhD
Senior Director of Therapeutic Development; Scientist, Pediatrics and Rare Disease Group, Sanford Reserach
Senior Vice President of Discovery Research and Gene Therapy, Amicus Therapeutics

Kimmo Lehtimaki Headshot

Kimmo Lehtimaki, PhD
MRI Scientist, Study Director
Charles River

Timo Bragge Headshot

Timo Bragge, PhD
Principal Data Scientist
Charles River


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