Webinar Overview

Autoimmune (AI) diseases occur when a person’s immune system makes an inappropriate response, attacking healthy organs and tissues. Immunosuppressants are the most common form of treatment, but often fail to adequately manage the disease.

There is growing optimism that using targeted therapies can “re-program” the immune system of those with AI, so it’s important for researchers to learn how this development can lead to long-term success in managing these diseases.

Learn how combining disease-relevant models and in vitro assays can provide a clear picture for your therapy to reprogram the immune system, resulting in a more efficient approach to efficacy studies.


Webinar Presenters

Louise Brackenbury Headshot

Louise Brackenbury, PhD
Group Leader (Cell Biology) Discovery Services
Charles River

Paolo Campoli Headshot

Paolo Campoli, MSc
Scientist Immunology
Charles River


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