Webinar Overview

Checkpoint targeted immunotherapies have caused a paradigm shift in immuno-oncology, yet, significant interest remains in the search for novel targets or testing combination therapies in physiologically relevant models where the CD8 T cell is center-stage.

View this webinar to understand the safety of your drug as well as the therapeutic effect it has on the immune system. We will closely examine two case studies covering an array of topics including:

  • Pharmacology data using physiologically relevant in vitro models
  • Potential side-effects during an active immune response in a large animal model
  • Antigen-specific T cell populations and the effect on the kinetics of induction and maintenance of immunity

Webinar Presenters

Louise Brackenbury Headshot

Louise Brackenbury, PhD
Associate Director of Innovation, Discovery Services
Charles River

Richard Graveline Headshot

Richard Graveline, PhD
Senior Scientist Immunology
Charles River


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