Webinar Overview

With the increasing number of biologics and immune-targeting drugs in discovery and development, and their inherent risk of triggering adverse drug reactions in patients, being able to predict and measure potential immunotoxicological consequences is more important than ever.

The assessment of cytokine release assays (CRAs) plays a key role in developing immunomodulatory therapeutics. Our experts for this panel discussion share their knowledge on the following topics:

  • The background and development of CRAs
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Examining translatability data
  • Case studies on the mechanisms of cytokine release


Webinar Panelists

David Eastwood, PhD
Client Services Manager
Charles River

Keith Sutton PhD
Scientific Advisor
Charles River

Danice Wilkins, PhD, MS
Scientific Director, Immunology & Biomarkers
Charles River

Marie-Soleil Piche, PhD
Scientific Director Immunology
Charles River


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