Webinar Overview

Immunomodulatory drugs are increasingly being developed to treat inflammatory disorders, auto-immune diseases, cancer, and organ transplant rejection. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), a class of immunomodulatory drugs, are particularly effective at neutralizing negative regulators of immune function and stimulating or restoring an immune response for the treatment of cancer.

However, ICIs tend to affect specific and narrow pathways in the immune system, which can lead to challenges in predicting potential immunological safety risks in preclinical models. As for other biologics, potential immunotoxic effects are mostly driven by exaggerated pharmacodynamics, which can’t be easily demonstrated in the framework of safety studies with healthy animals.

In this webinar we explore the recent advances in the T cell-dependent antibody response (TDAR) model to evaluate immuno-stimulation in non-human primates. Find out how this model can benefit your drug development program.


Webinar Presenter

Philippe Ancian Headshot

Philippe Ancian, PhD
Senior Director, Biomarkers
Charles River


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