Webinar Overview

The thought of changing anything within your quality control (QC) testing process and methods brings about several questions: Will revalidation be required? What do the regulations say? Will new standard operating procedures (SOPs) be needed? What new training is required? All these questions may make you think twice about changing but sticking with the status quo brings its own unique challenges, such as data integrity compliance. So, what should you do?

Learn how you can go about changing QC test methods and how this can go a long way to helping your lab achieve data integrity compliance. In this weinar we cover:

  • What considerations need to be addressed before changing test methods
  • When revalidation, new SOPs, and training are required
  • The impact changing QC methods has on data integrity compliance


Webinar Presenter

Alan Hoffmeister Headshot

Alan Hoffmeister
Senior Global Technology & Market Development Manager
Charles River


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