Webinar Overview

What is an endotoxin limit and what information do you need to know in order to calculate one? As your organization creates new products, you may be constantly calculating the endotoxin limits to ensure their endotoxin concentrations do not meet or exceed limits that would prevent release.

Whether you’re new to calculating endotoxin limits or just need a refresher, join us as we discuss:

  • BET guidance and regulations for endotoxin calculations
  • Endotoxin limits and how to calculate them for different products and materials
  • Maximum valid dilution/maximum valid concentration calculations and inhibition/enhance screening tests
  • How maximum valid dilutions and endotoxin limits fit into product validation


Webinar Presenter

Hayden Skalski headshot

Hayden Skalski, BS
Endosafe® Technology and Market Development Manager
Charles River