This webinar provides a review of data generated as part of a project that was designed to upgrade a water system into one that was under control, so that high-quality water could be used in the manufacturing process. A brief overview of the history of bacterial taxonomy and how phylogenetics has impacted the way we classify organisms is presented. Water-borne organisms, specifically bacteria, are discussed as well as information on Kleen Test Product’s water system. This includes both analytical and microbiological data, including identification results of microbes found at various points of the water system.


  • Richard Albert, Senior Microbiologist, Kleen Test Products
    Richard Albert received his undergraduate degree in biology and his Master’s in microbiology. Currently, Richard is the senior microbiologist for Kleen Test Products in Port Washington, Wisconsin. He has 30 years of experience as a microbiologist in industries including agriculture, food, fermentation, bioaugmentation for waste treatment and bio-control, as well as regulated and nonregulated consumer product manufacturing.