Webinar Overview

Quality control microbiologists understand the importance of routine environmental monitoring and accurately identifying potential pathogens. The challenge for them now is to figure out what the information generated means for pathogen-specific assessments specific to the products they are currently developing, especially for oral, nasal, cutaneous and sub-cutaneous, ear, eye, rectal, vaginal, or parenteral ones.

This webinar discusses some common challenges in defining objectionable organisms, contamination risks to products, and pathogenic impact to patients. Other topics to be discussed include:

  • Separating true pathogens from opportunistic ones
  • Infective dose and virulence
  • Organisms beyond those specified in USP <1111>
  • Patient risk assessment


Webinar Presenter

Ziva Abraham Headshot

Ziva Abraham, PhD
CEO and Founder of Microrite, Inc.


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