Webinar Overview

As studies begin to resume, COVID-19 has created new challenges for researchers, including safety protocols, using resources efficiently, and mitigating risk. In contrast, the pandemic has also presented an opportunity to implement new methods and processes for in vivo research going forward.

If you’re looking for guidance on performing research in this “new normal”, join our three scientific experts for this unique panel discussion. They will offer input on staffing concerns, how to properly work with animal models, and elements of a clean health monitoring program that you can implement in your respective studies.


Webinar Presenters

Guy Mulder Headshot

Guy Mulder, DVM, MS, MBA, DACLAM
Executive Director, Veterinary and Professional Services
Charles River

Ken Henderson Headshot

Ken Henderson, PhD, MS
Senior Director, Laboratory Scientific Diagnostic Services
Charles River

Ann Murray Headshot

Ann Murray
Director, Business Development
Charles River


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