Cre-lox technology is widely used as a means to help visualise the anatomy of research mice and is a powerful tool for creating traditional and tissue-specific knock-out models of human diseases. After a brief introduction of the Cre-lox technology, this webinar discusses:

  • Using Cre-lox to understand pleiotropy and dissecting gene functions
  • Overcoming embryonic and early postnatal lethality
  • Inducible inactivation with the creERT2 system
  • Phenotypes induced by Cre driver, Tamoxifen toxicity, Cre leakiness: What are the unexpected complexities and technical limitations?
  • CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing for in vivo spatial and/or temporal gene inactivation


  • Guillaume Pavlovic, PhD, Department Head, Genetic Engineering and Model Validation, PHENOMIN-ICS