Webinar Overview

Today’s cutting-edge technologies, such as CRISPR/Cas9 and RNAi, have meant that new genetically engineered animal models can be created quickly and accurately. This “genetic toolbox” has enabled researchers to not only create mouse models mimicking human diseases, but also use techniques such as gene silencing to explore what a rat model is capable of.

This webinar examines the challenges and complexities of generating such models and discuss things to consider after your genetically engineered model has been created. You’ll learn about maintaining their health status, common breeding issues, and the importance of background strain characterization.


Webinar Presenters

Prem Premsriut Headshot

Prem Premsriut, MD, PhD
President and CEO
Mirimus, Inc

Christopher Dowdy Headshot

Christopher Dowdy, PhD
Client & Scientific Portfolio Manager, Genetically Engineered Models and Services
Charles River


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