Webinar Overview

Pharma and biotech companies are increasing their reliance on genetically engineered rodent models of human disease in order to improve their chances of clinical success. These highly customized mice and rats offer precise modelling for basic research, target validation, and safety assessment. However, no matter the research area, there are a several factors to consider in order to reach timeline goals and generate reproducible results.

This webinar takes an in-depth look at:

  • Important decisions on species, strain, and technologies
  • Improving translatability and efficacy from concept to clinic
  • Cutting-edge science relating to gene editing, humanized rodents, and more


Webinar Presenters

Joe Cornicelli Headshot

Joseph A. Cornicelli, PhD, FAHA
Senior Director, In Vivo Pharmacology
Charles River

Jean Cozzi headshot

Jean Cozzi, PhD
Innovation Manager, Genetically Engineered Models and Services
Charles River


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